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Quicksilver is a movie about cycle couriers made in 1986 and stars a young Kevin Bacon and Laurence “Larry” Fishburn.

First thing you notice about this movie is that it has similar DNA to other classics from the period, like dirty dancing and footloose. You may be surprised to know that all 3 of these movies involve dancing.  The dancing scene in Quicksilver involves a bicycle and easily tops them all for romance and must be seen.The next thing you notice is that movie editing has come along way in the last 20 years.

The best parts of the movie, as you might imagine, involve bike chases, and essentially the rest of the film only really works to explain and build your excitement for the next cycling action scene.

One excellent scene worth noting is one which involves the main character transforming as he walks down the street. He starts off as a stockbroker and starts shedding clothing, as it was happening I wondered if the main character was going to keep devolving all the way to a teenwolf character which would have been interesting, but sensibly for the rest of the plot he ends up in in 80’s chic.

Another important scene involves a cycling trick session where the cycle couriers suddenly turn into russian circus performers and start pulling off crazy shit. This scene ends brilliantly with the owner of the courier business, who is wearing one of those natty little racing caps, calling everyone inside with a happy chuckle. It’s a quintessential 80’s moment.

There are lots of fun ingredients in this movie, but nothing of any substance, which is good because it would be probably too hard to swallow give everything else. It’s light, it’s fluffy and a perfect antidote for being stuck inside on a rainy afternoon instead of being out in the sunshine cycling. If you’re a fan of Raleigh cycles there is some bike porn here too – I won’t spoil it for you by naming the models.

If you like bikes, this movie is fun – it’s available on itunes.