Why The Bicycle Path?

It’s meant to be a metaphor for our collective journey back to cycling as an important and appropriate transport medium. It could also have been called the path of least resistance as I think cycling should be the first choice for commuting – and probably would be if it were obviously safe. As it is, it is cheap, easy, and appropriate for the flat terrain of Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Brisbane and others – so the last step, for me, is infrastructure.

Hopefully the current interest in cycling will leave a lasting legacy on the Australian transport landscape. Lifestyle and life, they say,  is defined by the things we do while in transit toward the milestones of our lives. Cycling has been important to me in many areas of my life but rarely front and centre, but always fun and rewarding.

  1. kevinmayne said:

    Good luck with the new blog!

    But spare a thought for the less fit, fast or able whose cycling lives have been extended by the humble battery. Australia has just adopted the European standard for e-bikes which should see sensible restrictions which keeps the people on the cycle paths around the same speed as the rest of us.

  2. Thanks.

    Your point is a good one, but it’s up to the individual to drive the motorised bicycle responsibly as policing any standards or laws would be hard. I live near a bike path and the speed that people drive these contraptions along it is not compatible with kids, commuters or day trippers. I think the road is the best place for motorised transport – but, you may be right, I may change my mind when my knees give up on me.

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