Wellgo M142 Pedals, a short review.

If you are approaching cycling in a conventional fashion, there are generally 5 places where you touch a bicycle whilst riding it. Two feet on pedals, two hands on the handle bar and of course your derriere (which s randonneur speak for bottom) on the seat. Needless to say, these are all important places for the proper control of the bicycle, and as you’ll be getting personal with all these parts of your bicycle, it’s worth paying attention to them all with regard to your ongoing comfort and support.

Pedals, need to be sturdy enough to bare 1/2 your weight (each), rotate freely and provide a solid platform. ‘Serious’ cyclists use clipless pedals so as to eek out every watt of performance from each cycle stroke, and my experience with this style of pedal really focused my mind on posture, cadence and efficiency. So much so that the restricted feel of the pedals pretty much consumed my experience of cycling down to these elements. Perhaps I didn’t use clipless long enough to really get used to them and forget they were there. Who knows! The impression they left on me was that they certainly improve performance, but I felt they took something away from the pleasure of cycling. Some parts of touring, and most parts of racing leave the fluffy enjoyment bit at home, and concentrate on pure efficiency. In these uncompromising circumstances they have their place, but most commuting, touring and transport around town should be done with a smile and at a comfortable pace. Perhaps in these circumstances, you just don’t need them. When I began my search for pedals, I looked for something simple.

As with all bicycle components, there are literally hundreds of options for pedals. As they all serve the same basic function I wasn’t after anything too fancy or flash, but my preference was for those that looked light, durable, cheap and not too ugly. What I came up with was the Wellgo M142 sealed bearing pedals.

The specs are:

Body: Aluminium 6061 Extruded, CNC machined
Spindle: Cr-Mo CNC machined
Bearing: DU / Sealed
Size: 100* 60 * 24.5 [mm]
Weight: 236 g/pr

After a couple of rides they seem pretty good, and well worth their price. Before installing them I wondered if they would be big enough, and they are – just. My size 44 feet are comfortable enough when wearing firm soled shoes, but I need to take care with softer soles to place my feet suitably. Once my feet are in place, the extra grippy platform does not let my foot slide around. They seem well constructed, nicely designed and have been silky smooth.

Having said all the above, perhaps they could be a little wider, and they won’t suit someone who doesn’t do footwear. What they are is a light, study, smooth and handsome commuter pedal, that can be obtained for a good price.

My only caveat here would be that if you have a big hoof – these may not be wide enough for you. I’m 185cm and have a biggish foot and they are just big enough.

1 comment
  1. Vicki said:

    I must get them back to you too, they do seem nice but I am not that fussy about pedals …

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