American Flyer Movie Review

There is something so brash about the opening scenes of this movie that you are compelled to wade through it. It begs the question – how deep does the patriotism rabbit hole go? So as the light disappears and you are drawn in, assaulted with unabashed product placement and ship loads of metaphysical cheese, a story emerges, and the ride is fun.

The basic premise is about two brothers, with bad DNA, that are gifted athletes. Their chosen medium is cycling. The cycling scenes are pretty entertaining, there are some sketchy references to race tactics, the bicycles are retro-cool, and the associated girls in very deferential roles, are as hot as the weather in the Rocky Mountains.

Some things to look for are, the post space-race helmets of the Russian cyclists, the shorts (or perhaps some of the girls just forgot to wear their strides), a certain Belgian cycling superstar, oh and of course those racing bicycles.

The plot is thin and predictable, however the acting from Kevin Costner and the main cast does much to make up for it, and considering the films opening scenes the movie does pretty well to keep you seated from there on. American flyer isn’t a bad title considering it is almost a flyer for every possible product that they could fit into a movie, but it might have been just as aptly named ‘the Hell of the West”, which is the name of the race, and the probable vantage point from which many communists would view this movie.

Is it worth watching? Yes – but I would prescribe viewing the movie “They Live” in the days following to calm your mind and balance the propaganda.


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